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 An actual confessional

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An actual confessional Empty
PostSubject: An actual confessional   An actual confessional I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 12:51 pm

What I hate about games like this is you get shoehorned into alliances early on and can't really break out of them.

Pete tomcat and I are great together. Liking that a lot. I'm with mets too. But he's with Kevin Dana and Sam. So by default I'm with him.

I'd much rather work with Blake and perhaps Jess or Kathy. But now we're a week or so into the game so it seems awkward to approach now and ask to work with them since it is obvious I'm with that other group.

So now Blake is in the death match. I'd love it if he challenged Dana and took her out. But if I approach him with this idea, he can throw me under the bus to mets Sam etc.

We need to cut the fat at some point. Otherwise it ends up mets w/Kevin Sam and Dana vs me tomcat and Pete.
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An actual confessional
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