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 This game is so good

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This game is so good Empty
PostSubject: This game is so good   This game is so good I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2015 9:35 am

This is so much fun. After the first match blew up in our faces, I thought I might be in over my head. But since then, everythibg has worked out exactly how I've wanted.

The first group of winners couldn't make a decision so I became safe.
Henry- inactive went home. Can't let someone like that slip through and make it further than he should.
Manipulated the chair game so Blake would get the x and then he challenged Dana.
Dana- fringe member of my "alliance" that I did not need. Helped Blake beat her and get her out of the game.
Mets "valiantly" volunteered for the death match at the card game and took out a big threat in Blake.
I "accidentally" slipped and suggested there was an additional criminal amongst Sam Pete Mets Tomcat and duck to throw the head citizen off the idea of Kathy plus Pete went along with voting not guilty to make it even more suspicious.
Convinced (although it really wasn't any convincing needed) the criminals to vote Jess to the death match. Now I'm hoping she doesn't pick Pete or tomcat.

So far I think I'm playing a strong game without making too many waves, but it comes down to a match by match game and everything could fall to pieces quickly.
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This game is so good
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