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 You have to play the game

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You have to play the game  Empty
PostSubject: You have to play the game    You have to play the game  I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 07, 2015 9:52 pm

I understand that people betrayed us and we can't stand them right now blah blah blah... But you have to play the game. NEVER let anyone know how you feel about them when they are in a position of power... Why borrow trouble? It makes no sense. . .

I just had to put on so much Chapstick for the ass kissing I just did... But that's okay.... If it helps me stay out of the match then so be it. If they still choose me then oh well.. At least I tried..:

You totally cannot give up. i have a really big mouth, but I know when it's time to play the game..: don't be irrational.... Be smart. Don't be angry... Get even.

This is the second time Switza has lied to me... It won't happen again. First chance I get he's gone...
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You have to play the game
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