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 Main Match #1...

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Bandage Man
Bandage Man

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PostSubject: Re: Main Match #1...   Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:14 am

1) What do you think about the whole flipping of results?

2) Do you believe that the garnets should have also been flipped?

3) What do you think of Henry being chosen as the candidate?

4) What do you think of Metsrus giving his garnets to Blake?

5) What do you think of Metrus being the one Henry chose?

6) What do you think of the Death Match?

7) Anyone that you might prefer to win over the other?
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PostSubject: Re: Main Match #1...   Mon Nov 23, 2015 2:53 am

Will post my answers soon. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Main Match #1...   Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:39 am

The challenge was interesting and required a lot of strategy, but it also required making friends (or what I like to call it... Selling your unborn baby)

I was pleased with the animal I got. At first I was a bit hesitant... But I had I not committed suicide by eating the deer... I could have won.

Lol. I shouldn't be giving advise as I lost, but I do think that having little spies aka friends definitely helps. I knew where everyone was going every round... I should have paid attention to the rules a bit more, however.

I was a loser and then a winner. I wanted Blake in the death match for obvious reasons.... But Henry was the better overall choice. I know Blake is coming after me.... I don't know where the hell Henry stands.... So he can go. Smile obviously I don't want mets on the line as he's an ally, but .... Let's see what we can do.

Lmfao. This is a tricky subject. As far as twists are concerned it would have been hilarious and it provides a solid incentive as to why teams must come to a unanimous vote. I would not have wanted it to happen if I won, but it's a game and I would have learned from it. I also would develop a way to make sure that never happens.

Do you really wanna know what I think about met giving his garnets away?? I think it's the dumbest move I've ever seen in the history of gameplay on IMDB. I say that because it was a random choice with no substance. I don't know if he thinks it will put a target on his back or whatever, but it was incredibly stupid and talking about it makes me feel like I'm losing brain cells as I'm writing this. -_-

Henry chose met because he thinks he can beat him. If I can pull people together in opposition of Blake and his ridiculousness we can show Henry that he made the wrong choice.

Obviously I prefer if met stays.
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PostSubject: Re: Main Match #1...   

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Main Match #1...
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