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 Diary Post#1

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PostSubject: Diary Post#1   Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:02 pm

Oh i didn't realize we could write confessional diaries in here lol..well i'll make my first and say that i'm tight with sailormoon and metrus for the time being..and it looks like our larger group of alliance members have drifted apart and may be playing a different game now and may target us 3...i thought this would happen since dana got the boot..

i'm not sure how they will vote considering they tricked metrus on who the criminals and citizens were...perhaps they did it to win so they couldn't be put up..or maybe they did it because they could convince them to put up someone like jess since she's somewhat inactive?

i guess we'll find out soon enough should they come to a majority decision.. Suspect
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Diary Post#1
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